Harrow is a revolutionary new type of CI.

Designed to be the core of your workflows and to help the whole team work together more effectively.

Make all of your useful scripts and tools available to everyone in the team.

Harrow adds audit logging, status notifications, management of secrets, advanced access control, and more.

Please find more technical details here.

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Are your devops tasks getting you down?

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Designed to work with

Unit & Integration Tests

Build & Deploy


Intelligent Information Flow

Get the big picture

See at a glance what is is happening right in your project and what is scheduled. See who is working, what they are working on and which triggers are set-up.

Keep a flawless audit trail

Nothing happens in Harrow without being logged, keep detailed records of failed deployments and who is accessing critical infrastructure. Easily link to specific log lines in bug reports, and keep your team productive.

Stop searching for documentation

No more digging through poorly maintained documentation to find answers to questions such as “How do I get a development database?” or “Are the dependencies in this project up to date?”

Seamless Collaboration

Easy on/off-boarding

No need to struggle distributing keys and tokens when someone joins the team and changing passwords and locking things down when they leave.

Stay Informed

Follow jobs and projects you care about, easily mute notifications you’re not interested in. Customize the notifications to suit you, subscribe by RSS, stick with email, or configure Harrow to publish notices to your chat room.

Reduce your “bus factor”

Rely on Harrow to make sure everything you need to do your job is available to you quickly and easily online. Reduce your “bus factor” by setting up common distractions in Harrow so that your peers can help themselves.

Command line tools with super powers

Empower your team

Your command line tools and scripts are already great, they would be amazing if they could be shared more easily.

Automate your work

Set them up to run on the web, to make them available to your team and integrate them with other services.

No restrictions

Run tests, reports, metrics, deployments, builds, anything that you can script, in your favourite languages.

Do all of this without worrying about access tokens, API keys, and SSH credentials. Harrow automatically keeps detailed logs what happened, when, and why.

Feels like Home

Whether you’re more at home in a terminal window or a browser, Harrow lets you work in comfort.

Excellently Integrated

Harrow has a responsive web interface, command line client, and a JSON API.

Set-up automated processes that respond to events in external services such as Travis-CI and GitHub, etc.

Harrow jobs can trigger other jobs in Harrow or send events to any other services. Jobs also send notifications via email and chat services such as Slack and HipChat.

Built by the people behind Capistrano

Capistrano is a remote server automation and deployment toolkit. Deploying code and managing server infrastructure involves a lot of moving parts.

Harrow’s secret management and access control, together with the logging and notifications makes tools like Capistrano much more valuable tool for your team.