The world’s most flexible CI platform

Run any software, in any language. Create reliable, self-documenting, repeatable web-based tasks and make them available for your team-mates.

What makes Harrow an unique continuous integration tool?

  • Full root access: run your tasks in real VMs with Docker
  • Free choice: work with any Git hosting provider
  • Feels like home: work via browser or terminal
  • Flexibility: integration tests across several repositories
  • Flawless security: stop worrying about credentials & keys

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DevOps processes with Harrow:
transparent, simple and repeatable


Get the big picture

Harrow task cards are the essence of your DevOps processes. See at a glance if your jobs are running smoothly and how reliable they are. Observe, which Git commits from which repositories are included, tested, pending or already deployed.

Essential information

Condensed into a harrow task card is a tonne of valuable information. Who can see which task, who can run it, when does it run automatically, which code it accesses, when did it last run, when will it run next, and which external and periodic triggers are configured.

The tools you love, but better


Make all your scripts and tools available to everyone in the team

Set up tasks, tools and workflows once. Easily define who can trigger them – without that person having to understand the individual requirements of each tool. Easily manage which members of your teams have access to which of your projects. Do not worry about access tokens, API keys or SSH credentials.

Effortless documentation

No more digging through poorly maintained documentation to stay productive. Keep detailed logs of what tasks have been run, easily share links to specific sections of logs with your team to aid in debugging. Send important notifications to your team via email and chat services such as Slack or HipChat.

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Don’t trust the cloud? Choose our Enterprise/on-premises version!


We understand that some teams have extremely sensitive data that they don’t want let to leave their walls. We built Harrow to perform amazingly even when hosted on small, virtualized or local hardware.

Join our enterprise mailing list below, and we will get in touch with you about our Enterprise version (to be launched end of November) that allows you to keep all your data on your servers whilst still enjoying the power of our comprehensive SaaS solution.

Unparalleled flexibility


Multiple, powerful automation triggers

Set-up automated processes that respond to events in external services such as Travis-CI and GitHub. Trigger processes with new code, new branches and pull-requests. Setup triggers between jobs based on success or failure. Notify any other services via Webhooks. Powerful one-time, or recurring scheduled conveniently allow periodic builds or releases.

No restrictions

Run tests, reports, metrics, deployments, builds, or anything else, in your favourite language. Interact with Harrow in the browser, or on the command line. Install or compile packages, enjoying root access to achieve anything imaginable. No need to squeeze your unique build and test processes to proprietary YAML file format.


Hosted Capistrano for teams

Would you like a web-based Capistrano your team?
With Harrow you can run Capistrano (and anything else) in secure web-based containers, perfect for centralised collaboration.

Test it for free

Harrow can do what other continuous integration tools can’t.


Real virtual machines with Docker and root

The best of all possible worlds. Real VMs with real, unrestricted root access. Docker running locally with access to the public, and your private registries. Enables any possible configuration of tests or builds, without restriction on which versions of languages, runtimes or data stores you can use.

Keep working from your terminal

All of Harrow’s features are equally accessible from the comfort of a terminal window. Our command line client works on any operating system. Starting tasks from within your terminal runs them in Harrow, and you don’t have to change your workflow.

Integration test across multiple repositories

Every other CI assumes one project is one Git repository. We know that’s not always true, Harrow lets you add multiple repositories to each project, and will clone them all into the virtual machine before handing over control to your test or build scripts.

Works with any Git host

There’s more to the world than Github. We embrace Bitbucket, Github, GitLab and any other host reachable over HTTPs or SSH, even self-hosted.

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30 days free trial – no credit card required!