Seamless collaboration for software teams

Seamless collaboration for software teams

Harrow integrates all the tools you already use

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Define and visualize common tasks, and workflows inside Harrow, and share them with your colleagues.


Easily trigger common tasks using our automatic scheduler, via third-party services, or on-demand.


Intelligently aggregate information from various tools in simple, easy-to-read dashboards; additionally, a notification stream keeps everyone on the team informed.


Use the tools you already know: connect them to one another through our integrated platform where security and configuration are simplified.

Get back in the driver's seat with customizable dashboards

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Developers can

  • Test, deploy and run whatever scripts/processes you want – with a click, or work on the command line as always.
  • Trace all work, deployments and operational changes with detailed historical logs.
  • Use up-to-date software in the cloud without version or environment conflicts.

Operations can

  • Maintain software version patch levels.
  • Check for complex failure conditions on production servers.
  • Run real-time platform health checks against production environments.

Management can

  • See what is going on without interrupting their teams.
  • Get technical insights into the health of the team and project.
  • Execute tasks, which would normally only be accessible to developers.

Harrow lets you keep working on all your devices - and still on the command line!

Get rid of boring tiresome repetitive work using our centralized automation control center.

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Easy setup of predefined tasks

Automate common server tasks (backup, data import/export/editing, deployment etc.) in minutes.

Transparent overviews and logs

Find the status for all jobs in one tool. Error analysis is easy since historical log files are available for each and any service.

No painful standard questions

Each team member can see the status of the tasks that are relevant for him (“Jeff, could you check if the affiliate cron job ran today?”).

Achieve team working nirvana with transparent, flexible workflows

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Connect automated tasks with web hooks

With web hooks you can connect several server tasks to fully automated workflows, e.g. running automated rescue routines if a vital service is down.

Define customised notifications

Customisable notifications and alerts for all kinds of events via all channels (web, email, chat, push notification, desktop notification).

Get the big picture

Who is doing what and where are we? Team dashboards give you an overview of all projects, process and statuses (“Are we gonna release the new changes in this sprint?“).

Support team discussions

Web-based log files enable team collaboration and mutual discussions.